Interior Design Project Management for Home Renovations and Refurbishment

From conception to completion, we provide a stress free luxury service.

"Renovated Farmhouse in Leics"

Having originally being asked to design a kitchen, after meeting with the client and survey of the property, it quickly became apparent that if we undertook some structural work, removal of an internal wall and the blocking of a door, the design that we could offer would be immeasurably improved. The photos will offer you a brief glimpse of the project’s history; the original room, the designs and professional photography of the completed project.

"Garden Studio, Carmel, Guernsey"

We became involved in this project when we were approached by a past client who was looking for someone to project manage the construction of a garden studio at a holiday home in Guernsey. From beginning to end, we oversaw every step of the project from speaking with architects to obtain original designs to the fitting of soft furnishings at the end and every step between. These photos will give you a glimpse into the projects history.

"Design Technique"

For this project, in the heart of Leicestershire, we made extensive use of computer modelling technology in order to convey our designs to the client. This is something we believe is invaluable in describing our ideas and is used as a matter of course in almost all of our designs.

"Truly Bespoke"

A mix of exotic wood veneers, Pyrolave worktops,and hand made glass have been used to create truly unique kitchen furniture. The use of such luxury materials when combined with such unusual shapes mean that this kitchen could be used to define the word “bespoke”. The following photos will give you an idea of the level of detail and engineering in the design and manufacture of this kitchen.

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